Pedagogical Sciences Committee Structure:

Awards, Patronage and Competitions Committee

Magazines and Publishing Committee

Education Policy Committee

Committee for Higher Education Policy and Assessment of Scientific Achievements

Committee for the Development of Young Scientists

Information Committee

Committee for the Support of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students

International Cooperation Committee


Pedagogical Sciences Committee Sections:

Andragogy Section

Elementary Education Section

Gerontology Section

History of Pedagogy Section

Popular Culture Section

Pedagogical Research Methodology Section

Christian Pedagogy Section

Critical Pedagogy Section

Pedagogy of Culture and Intercultural Education Section

Media Pedagogy Section

Pedagogy of Youth Section

General Pedagogy Section

Pedagogy of Work Section

Resocialization Pedagogy Section

Special Pedagogy Section

Social Pedagogy Section

School Pedagogy Section

Art Pedagogy Section

Pedeutology Section

Pedagogical Councelling Section

Theory of Education Section

Pedagogical Sciences Committee Groups:

Task force for the development of methods of student assessment alternative to compulsory external examinations

International Comparative Studies Group